This guide is intended to be used as a handy reference for Traditional Landline Calling Features. Some features are not available in all areas.

Note: Unless you have the feature included in your phone plan, there may be a charge by your telephone company for the use of these features. To find out the cost, or to get the feature included, please contact your telephone company's business office. (this number can usually be found in the front of your telephone directory or you can ask your operator).
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3-way Calling
This feature allows you to have a conference call with two additional people (yourself, plus two other people; 3 people total).

To activate:

Dial the first person's number.
Once they answer, ask them to hold while you add the second person.
Press "flash" or briefly tap the receiver hook
Listen for dial-tone.
Dial the second person's number.
One they answer, ask them to hold while you merge the call.
Again, press "flash" or briefly tap the receiver hook.
The call should now be merged and a 3-way conversation is now possible!

Helpful Hints:

1. In some areas, if you hang-up this will cause the other two parties to be disconnected.
2. In some areas where you hanging up does not cause the other two parties to be disconnected, you may be responsible for any charges for the time they spend talking.
3. For calls in which more then three (3) people need to participate, call your telephone company to setup a conference call. They can provide you more details on how this works and how much it will cost.
4. A work around from the above hint (hint 3) is you can have multiple people use 3-way calling to create a chain of 3-ways allowing more then three (3) people to talk. However, if one of the chain links were to disconnect, it would disconnect everybody who was connected after them.  This is not recommended in a business environment, but may be suitable for friends who are willing to wait for a call back and re-create the chain. This is time consuming, but cheaper.