This guide is intended to be used as a handy reference for Traditional Landline Calling Features. Some features are not available in all areas.

Note: Unless you have the feature included in your phone plan, there may be a charge by your telephone company for the use of these features. To find out the cost, or to get the feature included, please contact your telephone company's business office. (this number can usually be found in the front of your telephone directory or you can ask your operator).
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Caller ID Blocking
This feature allows you to temporarily disable your outgoing Caller ID on a per-call basis.

To activate dial:

*67, then listen for the dial-tone, then dial the number as you normally would.

This will cause the called party to see one of the following on their Caller-ID  "Private" "P" "Unknown" "Restricted" "Blocked"

Helpful Hints:

1. This is a per-call service. This means that you will need to activate it for each call you place in which you do not wish the called party to see your name and/or number. You can also obtain per-line blocking by contacting your telephone company's business office.