This guide is intended to be used as a handy reference for Traditional Landline Calling Features. Some features are not available in all areas.

Note: Unless you have the feature included in your phone plan, there may be a charge by your telephone company for the use of these features. To find out the cost, or to get the feature included, please contact your telephone company's business office. (this number can usually be found in the front of your telephone directory or you can ask your operator).
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Priority Call Distinctive Ring
(a.k.a Personalized Ring in certain areas)
This feature will allow you to compose a list of numbers which will ring your line with a special distinctive ring pattern.

To activate & de-activate, dial:

*61 (or 1161 on a rotary phone) and follow the prompts.

Helpful Hints:

1. If you are using a rotary phone, you may want to review this guide as well.
2. In most areas, there is a limit of six (6) entries that can be added to this list. Digital Phone providers may have a higher limit which will vary depending on the company. Contact your service provider for assistance.
3. Your callers will not hear the distinctive ring pattern on their end. They will hear a normal ringing signal. Only you will hear the special ring pattern.